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Hi there, I’m Drew Vics. You probably don’t know me, but that’s okay, I probably don’t know you either. You can find me on Facebook, and if you click “Like” then I’ll know who you are. 🙂

Myeyez.net Blogservations is my platform as a fellow human being with some ideas and talents that I’d like to share. Aside from web site and graphic design skills, which led to the development of this site, I write and record music. You can check out my efforts to that end at DrewVics.com. I also brew beer, and have a fondness for microbrews. Being the web site design dabbler that I am, I decided to create a site for my home brewing and craft beer appreciation at Cryptobrewology.com. And last but not least I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and reading. To that end you can find my take on those things at EclecticReviews.com, my review site. You can find each of those sites on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Go ahead and check those sites out when you get a minute. Now back to the Myeyez.net story…

I started Myeyez.net sometime back in 1999, or so, when my friend Roger Kahn helped me get hooked up to the internet. At first it was just to share my comments, thoughts and opinions on various topics. The first incarnation of this site was basic HTML, with a new page being constructed every time I wanted to add a “post.” I learned some PHP and took it to the next level with a custom database-driven blog that would be a little more dynamic.

I wanted to branch out, and allow comments and feedback from visitors, so I began writing pages to allow that, but then I discovered WordPress. That’s how the current version of myeyez.net was born. Feel free to post your thoughts on my comments, or your comments on my thoughts.

You can still access observations posted in the original Myeyez.net archive by clicking the “Older Observations” link in the menu on the right hand side.



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