Comment Guidelines

If you’d like to post comments to Blogzervations at there are a few rules you need to follow, and things to keep in mind.

1 – All comments are moderated. Your post will not automatically appear. Spam is spam and recognized as such.

2 – Make sure your comment is relevant to the post. Unless you have something to contribute to the discussion, or pertinent thoughts on the topics, your comment will not make it live.

3 – Comments will not be approved if they say things like “Hey nice blog, I bookmarked it.” That’s great, thanks! But if you’re here just trying to increase your URL density on the web, you’ve come to the wrong place. Nice try.

4 – I’m strict. I WILL NEVER approve comments which contain links to sites about pharmaceuticals, drugs, viagra, porn, gambling, money-making/get-rich-quick schemes, or the like. Take it somewhere else.

5 – I WILL approve comments which contain links to other blogs, sites relative to topics found here, personal sites, or certain commercial sites (at my discretion), IF the comment is tasteful and relevant to the topic it is associated with.


Thanks for your attention!