Don’t Think, Just Live

Knowledge is good, thinking is great. Don't just live, think and live a wonderful life.While perusing my Facebook News Feed the other day (if you really want to consider most of the bullshit we see on Facebook “news”; but then I guess some consider my FB posts BS too, touché) I stumbled upon this doozy, “Don’t Think, Just Live.” A simpleton statement presented within the image of a peaceful ocean scene. Hey, I’m all for nice scenery, but you know what? There is way more to life than just fucking sitting there enjoying the view.

Pardon my harsh language, but I won’t censor myself when I feel strongly about something like this. “Don’t Think, Just Live” has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Who the hell does that?

“Don’t worry, be happy” is one thing. I can see trying not to stress too much about stuff. My father used to tell me, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” and over the years I see that, while he is a hard working man, he is a pretty easy going, happy-go-lucky kind of guy too. You can enjoy life, work hard, and not make too big a deal over shit. That’s the way I try to live. Well, except in this instance. This “don’t think” thing irked me.

But “Don’t think?”

Damn people, we have to think! And I don’t mean, “hey should I make a right or a left here…” We’re not talking about the obvious. Although, now that I think of it there probably are a few peeps out there who would just leave that decision up to luck (or worse, some sort of destiny) and say like “hey man, swing that wheel wherever you feel.”

If we don’t think we are limiting ourselves. If you want to really appreciate life then think, learn, wonder. This is an amazing world in which to exist but it is also an amazing world to try and understand.

“Don’t think, just live” is just as bad as “Ignorance is bliss.” Pure stupidity. Why do you think Steve Jobs dubbed his company Apple. Because he was fucking smart, that’s why! He was a frigging goddamn genius. He thought, and lived.

Knowledge is bliss. Wondering about stuff can be rewarding. Thinking can be a dream come true.