FOXNews: “H1N1 Spreading Faster than Vaccine” Panic? NO!

H1N1 Spreading Faster Than Vaccine, CDC Says – H1N1 –

Good going FOXNews for designing a headline to incite fear among the public. I’m sure other media outlets are doing the same. Is widespread panic a small price to pay for some good ratings, advertising revenue. I don’t think so.

Of course, they can defend their headline by revealing the boring truth in the body of the article, such as the quote from CDC Director Thomas Frieden… “Essentially what we’re seeing is that the virus continues to be spreading across the country and we are seeing a steady increase in the availability of the vaccine, but not as quickly as we’d like it to be.”

Devising headlines to grab a readers attention is one thing. Penning one that will unnecessarily alarm the public should be a crime.

Yes, the H1N1 ’09 virus is spreading. That’s what happens with viruses, they spread.  But we must remember that H1N1 is not going to kill everybody, and fewer have died from this particular virus than have died from more common flu strains.

We do not need to resort to panic, and we should not listen to the misinformed fearmongers. There is no need for undue fear and anxiety, but the news outlets seem to prefer that approach so they can reap the rewards.

People, calm down, learn the facts for yourself and do not panic.