Ion Cleanse and DIY Toxin Foot Soak Scams

I was recently made aware of an acquaintance falling for a scam known as an “Ion Cleanse” footbath. They actually visited a “clinic,” much like a salon or spa I would guess, where they paid FORTY DOLLARS to immerse their feet in a tub containing a contraption that would, they claimed, remove toxins through the soles of the feet. $40 is a lot of money to hand out on batshit crazy bullshit like this. Actually any amount of money is TOO MUCH when you’re being ripped off!

Foot Detox is complete nonsense. Be smart, get the facts.This is FRAUD, plain and simple. How does a bullshit meter not go off in your head? After all we go to school where we learn about our liver and kidneys which are responsible for the filtration of blood.

The liver gets the first pass filtering blood that comes from our digestive tract and removing toxins. The kidneys take seconds, removing waste from our blood. Those handy little doodads are responsible for regulation of fluid and electrolyte balance in our bodies too.

Even if you were half asleep in class you should at least have gotten the gist of it!

Unless there is a malfunction with one of these organs, or you’ve had a major drug overdose, Your body should not load up with toxins. A regular checkup with your doctor is a good idea too. Good doctors have a tendency to find out if something is wrong with us through basic blood and urine tests. No level headed doctor will soak your feet or check there for signs of toxicity.

I’m amazed to see this kind of baloney being sold. Unfortunately some people need smarter people to protect them from losing their hard-earned money, so maybe some form of regulation is in order. Then again if marketers were somehow prevented from lying to the public about 99% of the world’s businesses would have to close up shop.

Are we really this gullible? How does this kind of nonsense actually gain a foothold and succeed?

How does the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath Really Work?
IT DOESN’T WORK!  It does not cleanse or remove toxins from your body!

What really happens is basic chemistry: salt added to the water prompts an electrochemical reaction with metal electrodes present in that funny device in the water. The reaction creates a form of rust, that’s all! The dirty orange-brown color that develops in the water is not caused by toxins in your feet, it is caused by a simple chemical reaction between metal, salt and water.

The YouTube video below, posted by Eb Jensen (three years ago!), clearly shows the Ion Cleanse foot soaking products to be a scam. It generates the rusty colored stuff whether there are feet present or not, watch…

Something needs to give. Something needs to change. We have serious criminals earning a living by selling bullshit to gullible people who don’t know any better.

Look people, if it sounds too stupid to be true, then it is. Foot cleansing detox sounds just as stupid as colon cleanse! Which is another shitty scam. No pun intended.

These companies really have no business being in business just to rip off others. Do not fall for the Ion Cleanse foot spa services and do not buy any Detox Foot Soaking products, they are complete rip-offs!

Unfortunately this junk is being sold almost everywhere. If people want to spend money on bullshit there are plenty of retailers willing to sell them a bag of it.