It’s About Time for a RUSH Documentary!

Just heard that a documentary film is in the works in honor of the legendary rock band Rush. Yeah, I know, that sounds like every other cheesy write up about Rush; the “legendary Canadian prog rock trio…” or “the legendary Canadian rock trio featuring legendary dummer…”

But it’s true. Anyway, I’ll be the first in line at the theater to see this one if it has any sort of theatrical release, but it might be straight to DVD. Either way I’ll be somewhere online, at the theater or at the store, or online online.

Should be cool. I can’t wait to see the archival footage the producers had access too, which includes footage from the personal archives of Alex, Geddy and Neil. Heroes to many, criticized by some, loved — or at least respected — by most serious musicians everywhere, and inspirations to millions of fans around the world. Rush definitely have done their thing, and done it well!

This documentary is well deserved and long overdue.

Read More about the Rush Documentary at!.

Rock On RUSH!
Rock On RUSH!