Keep Talking: You May Find Out Who You Are

Through talking about various feelings we learn, “hey, I’m not the only one who gets that feeling sometimes,” and it allows us to feel better about ourselves, since our struggles and issues aren’t always unique to us.

We’re not outcasts, we’re all quite the same, as far as feelings and thoughts are concerned. For the most part. Many of us are afraid to talk to others about things we feel, and so, we never really learn that others have the same thoughts or feelings. Therefore we limit ourselves, and are destined in a sense, to feeling alone or different, or maybe strange, compared to others. You know, not “normal.”

But what is normal? We’re all just evolved animals struggling with haphazardly wired, imperfect brains. We think we’re supposed to be perfect, and that if we aren’t there must be something wrong with us. Well that’s not true. We’re all screwed up to a certain degree. It’s learning, understanding and coping that helps us tweak that wiring and improve what we have.

It’s an uphill battle, and we need to step out of our comfort zone sometimes, but it is well worth it.

Like Stephen Hawking says in the song, Keep Talking, from Pink Floyd, “all we need to do, is make sure we keep talking.”

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