Les Paul has passed away at 94

Electric Guitar Legend, Les Paul, dies at 94
Electric Guitar Legend, Les Paul, dies at 94
I just learned that one of the greatest contributors to the recording industry and an inspiration to guitarists everywhere, Les Paul, has died at 94 due to complications from pneumonia.

It is a sad day for anyone who looks up to inspiring individuals such as he. Through his inventiveness and creativity Les Paul has made a lasting mark on the world of electric guitars and recording.

Les Paul was certainly an inspiration of mine, and I’m proud to have a model of guitar in my collection that is named for him. Aside from being famous for the name on the Gibson Les Paul, due to an invention which would convert the tone from a vibrating string into an electrical current, Les was also a key player in the development of multitrack recording, and began his career in the music business in the 1940s and 50s with hit songs he recorded with his wife.

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Electric guitar legend Les Paul dies, age 94.