Live and Learn! Turn that Phrase Around.

We knew nothing before we were born, and we’ll know nothing after we die. That is why it is important that we appreciate as much about life as we can while we are here. Life is limited, but our enjoyment of it doesn’t have to be.

The phrase “Live and learn” has generally come to mean: we make mistakes as we blunder through life and we learn from those mistakes.

It’s true, but we can look at that phrase another way: literally. And we can turn it around, to “Learn and Live!”

Living is more than existing, it’s being a part of the world, realizing our connections with other species and life forms here on earth. To me, living is about seeking to understand how we came to be, in reality.

Throughout history, scientific discoveries have lead us inevitably to this conclusion: Earth has been here for a very, very long time, and it has been inhabited by life for a very, very long time. It’s wonderful to consider this reality. It’s liberating, and uplifting to welcome this truth.

We’re products of evolution, physically. But as we move through our lives we can evolve through learning, and we can enjoy who we are, and the world we’re a part of, by living!

We should feel compelled to learn more about the world, it’s history, and evolution. And the science that enables us to understand more and more about life, and ourselves.

Time to really LEARN, and LIVE.