Newdow “So Help Me God Suit” Thrown Out! Why?

Michael Newdow filed a federal lawsuit which was intended to prevent President-elect Barack Obama from uttering the words “so help me god” in his inaugural speech on Tuesday. This isn’t the first time Newdow has attempted this. He has filed lawsuits to ban those words from both inaugural speeches made by George W. Bush. The suit was promptly tossed out. Why?

Mind you, Newdow, an atheist and ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, appears to be as fanatical about his atheism as some religious fanatics, but I couldn’t agree more with the idea of removing those words, or any nod to a supernatural deity, from any presidential speech. The government of this nation was not built on Christianity, regardless of what some may assume. Our forefathers, in establishing a form of government and drafting the constitution, maintained the separation of church and state regardless of personal religious belief. This is a must!

Furthermore, I feel that it’s high time huge “non-profit” Christian ministries (Oral Roberts, Joel Osteen, et al.) should finally start paying taxes on the Billions of dollars annually that the government turns a blind eye too. A tax exempt community church is one thing, but churches raking in hundreds of millions of dollars each year — churches that solicit for donations on TV as INFOMERCIALS — need to pay. These people are sucking the hard earned cash out of the pockets of millions of gullible Americans! It’s outright fraud, and it is disgusting. They get their shows on TV in the guise of INFOMERCIALS people! Think about it!

Delusional men lead gullible and delusional congregations. And keep in mind that calling someone delusional is not necessarily a bad thing. Just as calling someone ignorant of the facts should not be considered offensive. The term “delusional” simply implies a false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence. According to my dictionary.

Enlightenment lies in the other direction. Talk about a tough pill to swallow, I’m still choking mine down.