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Salami “GoD” — That’s a good one!

Woman sees GoD in Salami. Why would a god choose salami? So many other options exist. This is just dumb.
Woman sees GoD in Salami. Why would a god choose salami? So many other options exist. This is just dumb.
A story making rounds on the web reads…

MIAMI – A South Florida woman cooked up a little religion this week.

Nancy Simoes was cooking a meal at her Miami-Dade home when, she says, the letters G-O-D were burned into three slices of salami in her frying pan.

Friends and family may not believe her, but Simoes says she has the salami to prove it.

“I had only three pieces in my skillet and I was flipping it. The first letter was a G — it was a perfect G [it’s not a perfect G]. And then I got the O, and then I thought to myself quickly, how cool would that be if the third letter was a D?” [The third letter is not a D. It really looks more like a giant lower-case “a,” or just another smudged “O” if it matters in the first place.

There’s no word if Simoes ate the salami.

Looks like “Goa” or even “GoO” to me. Seeing a capital “D” doesn’t make sense, since the “o” appears to be lower case. But of course sense hardly makes a difference here. “GoD” is a stretch. And if it is a message from “God” he spells like a first grader. The burn marks made as the salami cooked would be found to be consistent with the raised areas, unevenness, of the surface of the slice. If it formed the word “ass” would she have been so willing to share her discovery of this simple coincidence?

She either a completely delusional boob, or she’s a crafty woman looking for a way to cash in and make some potentially big money from the Golden Casino on Ebay.

And upon further thought, why the heck and I’m I so bothered by stories like this? Everyone knows it’s all baloney right? Er… Salami.


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