The Secret Vision Board Fails to Win Woman 1 Million!

I was laughing my ass off the other night while watching “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Host, Regis Philbin asked the contestant how she felt about her chances for winning one million dollars.

The woman, Leslie, replied with a little story about her mom’s “vision board” which is a method found within “The Secret” for telling the universe what you want and drawing it toward you. Yeah, I didn’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, she said that as she was gazing at her mom’s vision board a commercial announcement aired on TV, and Leslie could hear the call for contestants. Leslie decided to enter to become a contestant and through the entire process, as she explained to Regis, she just knew she was going to be on the show.

She was right about that, and she probably thought that The Secret would make a her a shoe in for the million dollars too. I wonder why The Secret didn’t magically bring any correct answers to her while she was on the show.

Leslie also merrily shared her idea that she would buy a little fantasy island called “Leslie Land” when she became a millionaire. She seemed fairly certain that she was destined to hit the big jackpot.

Funny, The Secret fell short on this one. Leslie only won $1,000. Hey I’m all for the power of positive thinking as it relates to mental health and wellbeing. But believing your way to being a millionaire is not going to happen. In Leslie’s case, knowing a few of the right answers would have helped.

Better LUCK next time!