Those Amazing Cats

“Cat Check!” My wife called as she ran through the front door with Boomer the Rottweiler, our newest family member, in tow.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard the phrase. If someone leaves a door open by mistake we usually have to take inventory to make sure our feline furbabies, as my wife calls them, are accounted for.

Christina, Dusty and Sasha are house cats. So far Christina is the only one who’s been outside, and each time she beats a hasty retreat to the comfort and familiarity of home. She doesn’t get farther than the front porch, usually.

I was on the phone with a friend as Krista burst into the house. I had to cut my call short to help in the search. “What happened?” I called as Krista ran up the stairs to check.

“The screen from our bedroom window is laying on the front lawn, one of the cats may have fallen out!” She hollered.

Suddenly my adrenaline began to flow. I glanced around. Dusty, our young male cat, was sitting in the foyer looking at me like I had two heads. Which isn’t an uncommon look to get from a cat. Check… one cat accounted for.

Krista called down from our bedroom, “I found Sasha, but Christina isn’t here!” Check… two cats.

Most any time of day Christina can be found sleeping in our bed. If she isn’t there she’s usually hanging out with one of us. I could hear Krista stomping around upstairs calling for her, searching.

I headed to front door so I could get outside and retrieve the screen, and to check and see if Christina was in fact outside. I shuddered at the thought of finding her injured.

It’s about an 18 foot drop from our bedroom window to the front yard. There is one overhang where our living room window juts out, and a large bush below that. These are the only things that would have broken her fall.

Nervously I opened the door and to my surprise, and releif, I found Christina standing on the front porch, waiting to come inside. She darted into the house, ran past Dusty, who looked at her like she had two heads; then she ran passed Boomer, who dutifully turned and followed.

I smacked Boomer on the butt, thinking she was looking to play when she ran after the cat. But in hindsight I think that maybe Boomer was concerned about Christina’s well being. As was my wife and I.

I followed the cat and dog around the house and finally managed to pick up Christina on the stairway. I carried her up and Krista met us at the top. We sat her down, poking and prodding to see if she was in any pain. I checked her face, her paws, her legs and back. She purred the entire time.

We noticed some tar and roofing material on one of Christina’s paws. This corresponded to a huge gash in a shingle that I noticed when I looked down at the overhang below our bedroom window. Apparently Christina had tried to stop her fall there, with no success.

Krista rememebrs hearing a rustling in the bush as she ran up to the front door to tell me about the screen. No doubt that was Christina either falling through, or climbing out of the bush she had landed in. Lucky she weighs only 5.5 lbs. I don’t think Dusty or Sasha, both about 6 lbs heavier, would have fared so well.

All’s well that ends well. Chalk up another life for Christina, I hope she has plenty left.