Who’s That Band? Car Commercial Songs…

How do you learn about new music? Friends, family, FM radio, satellite radio? Auto commercials?

A few years ago I learned about the band The Mooney SuzukiThe Mooney Suzuki through their song Alive & Amplified which I heard on an auto commercial. I downloaded the entire CD at iTunes and suggested them to a friend. He liked their stuff too.

Neither of us bought one of the cars, and to be honest I can’t even remember what make or model automobile the commercial was for, but I do know it featured a businessman who walks out of his home in the morning, does a basejump at the end of his walkway and parachutes safely down to land beside his car.

More recently I’ve been keying in to this song I hear periodically on a Cadillac SRX commercial. The music is neat, catchy, ear-grabbing, and the vocals are haunting in a way, melodically repeating, “Falling, falling, falling, falling…”

After a month or more of hearing this song during that commercial I decided to find out who the band was. The song is a great tune called 1901 and the band is Phoenix.

Commercials are an effective way to get exposure. Maybe Dodge will hear one of my tracks and decide to use it in a commercial. Toyota? Nah.




2 Replies to “Who’s That Band? Car Commercial Songs…

  1. Song from the 2010 Acura ADX commercial. Sounds like a mix of rock and maybe music from Spain? Lots of upbeat tempo and violins.

  2. Good one Ken! That’s actually pretty nice song. I did a little poking around and learned that the song is “Pa’ Bailar” by Bajofondo. Check them out on iTunes, or at Amazon, lots of great songs on the same CD.

    Thanks for bringing that tune to my attention. I remember seeing that commercial on TV and enjoying the music. Yet another winner to add to the collection of good songs from car commercials. Does anyone have more?

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