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Willkommen zu Montag!

Not sure what’s so welcome about it. Oh, yes I do! My work week consists of only 3 days this week. Thursday I’m taking a little road trip to Michigan and I even bought a new Garmin nuvi 255W GPSto bring along. I’ll have to write a review of the product for you once I’ve had the chance to fiddle with it. It’s funny, heading to Michigan from New Jersey I probably won’t be needing the GPS much since I’ll be on Interstate 80 for 90% of the trip.

I like road trips, and in the coming years I plan on taking as many as I can. Gas prices permitting. 🙁 Damn economic strain.

One quick note, in case you’re wondering. The images that show up along the top of each page are photos taken by yours truly through my travels. They don’t really pertain to the blog content, just a nice little photographic distraction. Enjoy!


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