This site ins undergoing some much needed remodeling. Stay tuned.

Since the inception of Myeyez.net in 1999 I’ve been posting my comments, thoughts and opinions here fairly regularly. It was pretty much one of the first blogs online, albeit never widely viewed since it was never promoted.

I enjoy writing so the blog served as an outlet for that, and that’s a good thing. But I tend to have a fairly wild imagination and a penchant for delving into radically diverse interests. That can be a not so good thing when it comes to blogging, I guess. Well, now that I’ve said it, I guess that would depend on the blog…

Anyway, my intention is for this blog to be reasonably focused, so I plan to avoid bouncing all over the place and intend, instead, to stick with more thoughtful commentary and observations on life, and my travels. So that’s where it’s headed. Thank you for your interest.