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Hi there, I’m Drew Vics. You probably don’t know me, but that’s okay, I probably don’t know you either. You can find me on Facebook, and if you click “Like” then I’ll know who you are. 😉

Myeyez.net Blogservations is an outlet were I can share my ideas and opinions, gripes and grief, happiness and humor. Not necessarily in that order. Aside from some passable web site and graphic design skills, which led to the development of this site, I play guitar and once in awhile write and record some original music. You can keep up with my efforts to that end at DrewVics.com.

I also brew beer, and have a fondness for microbrews, so since one website wasn’t enough I had to create another one for my beer interests, which has turned into a kind of beer-centrique travel blog… Cryptobrewology.com. Last but not least, another website called EclecticReviews.com is where I post reviews of movies, books and music I’ve encountered, good and bad.

Go ahead and check those sites out when you get a minute. Now back to the Myeyez.net story…

I started Myeyez.net sometime back in 1999 or so, when my good friend Roger helped me get hooked up to the internet. Back then we were “logging on” with 56K modems. Fast stuff!

Myeyez.net was designed to be a place to share my comments, thoughts and opinions on various topics, and it still is! The first incarnation of this site was basic HTML, with a new page being constructed every time I wanted to add something. I learned some PHP and took it to the next level with a custom database-driven blog that was a more dynamic. Created a log-in page, as well as forms to create and edit my articles. Back then I programmed the site in PERL. I just enjoyed creating the graphics, and writing scripts to put it all together in a final web page.

I wanted to branch out and allow comments and feedback from visitors so I began writing PERL scripts to do that, then I discovered WordPress. Case closed. That’s how the current version of myeyez.net was born. I still tinker with custom code now and then, this time PHP. I have created my own plugins and scripts to integrate older versions of my websites with newer ones. In fact, the current version of EclecticReviews.com is completely custom programmed, no WordPress there.

Anyway, that’s enough about that. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. Feel free to comment, but if you’re just posting a comment to promote something or spam the site don’t waste your time. All comments are moderated and any that I find bogus will simply be marked as spam. They will never see the light of day.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!



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