Make Time to Skip Stones

Lodi Point State Park, Seneca Lake

During a recent trip to Watkins Glen for an annual family reunion, on my wife’s side, we decided to spend some time exploring the area instead of just sitting around the campground

We usually take in some sights and visit the wineries, breweries and other nearby places, but this time we wanted to get off the beaten path.

While driving northward up the east shore of Seneca Lake, we made a left. I forget the name of the road. Cindy had been perusing the map on her iPhone and said, “take the next left, it will bring us closer to the lake shore.”

We meandered down a gravel road for a few miles, then turned right and drove along a peaceful lane by the shore of the lake. To the right were small homes, bungalos and getaways. To the left their associated docks and and boat launches.

The day was clear, bright and beautiful. Soft white clouds dotted a pure blue sky, and the slight breeze russled through the draping branchlets of Old Weeping Willow trees. We drove slowly beneath them, so calmed by their soft shade and enchanted by their beauty that I had to back up and do it again.

Farther along we arrived at the Lodi Point State Park. We strolled through the grounds, taking pics with our smart phones, “checking-in” on Facebook, you know how it goes. But then we pocketed our phones and stepped up to the rocky shore. Countless colorful flat rocks dotted the shoreline, smoothed by years of being caressed by the water.

I picked one up and skipped it on the water. Cindy would argue that it happens all the time, but suddenly I was a kid again. I knelt down to pick up another rock, skipped it. Then another, and another. I couldn’t get enough. Cindy tried her skill, plunked a few, and then made some skip.

The simple joy of skipping some rocks rekindled fond memories of being young, and made me feel very alive that day. We are lucky people, alive on a very rare and beautiful planet.

I have decided that nothing is greater than living life and making adventures. Nothing is better than connecting with, understanding and appreciating our world, especially if we have connected with someone who shares that same idea.

Live, learn, wonder, wander, and love. Make life an adventure. Take some time to glance up from your smart phone, and put it away. Get off the beaten path and skip some stones.


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  1. I am a lucky lady. I want to make adventures with you every day baby.
    I love you always.

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