Ronnie James Dio Gone at 67

Sad news I just heard. I was making some stir fry in the kitchen here and my girlfriend opened her laptop to find some David Brubeck and saw the news that Ronnie James Dio had passed away today. I was chopping peppers and literally dropped the knife.

Dio was a major influence to me and many other musicians and fans out there. He was an amazing hard rock vocalist and wrote some wonderful songs that served to open the eyes and inspire the minds of many. Not only that, but the songs just kicked ass.
Ronnie James Dio

Not everyone enjoyed the music of Dio, and the newer stuff may have had a smaller audience, but many enjoyed songs like Holy Diver, The Last in Line, Hungry for Heaven, The Mob Rules (which he recorded with Black Sabbath, and which also appeared on the soundtrack for the animated motion picture Heavy Metal), and Rainbow In the Dark, inspired by his rise to stardom through his opportunity to sing with the band Rainbow. There were many others.

Dio will be missed. Thankfully he shared his talent with us and made it to such a level that so many people could enjoy his music. From Rainbow, through Black Sabbath, and then solo, Ronnie James Dio rocked on. Like a Rainbow in the Dark, Ronnie James Dio fired like a shooting star. Sadly the flame is gone, but the trail remains.

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