Wherever You Are, There You Go…

In a previous post I pondered the power of precious moments and memories. It was a not completely succinct or focused piece, but then, my writings rarely are. I tend to drift, but most of the time stay relatively on topic. In that post I talked about being “in the moment” and the saying, “wherever you go, there you are.”

It is a popular phrase, and can prompt philosophical discussion from any number of angles. As a result of writing that post, and thinking of that phrase from time to time since, it morphed into something that has a whole other meaning, and can serve as inspiration to go and do, instead of stay and don’t.

“Wherever you are, there you go.” Though I’m sure others have said it from time to time, or thought of it, a google search revealed no official use of this particular phrase, so I’ll take credit for it 🙂

This variation seems more positive than the other. While the first phrase can be a token phrase of self-awareness, and a reminder of just how small each of us is in the grand scheme of things, it seems to be spoken often in a tone that hints at a futile effort. I dunno, maybe I’m getting that wrong, but it just seems to me like many people take it to mean “oh well, what are you gonna do?”

Flipping the phrase to “wherever you are, there you go” seems to open a door to possibilities, not a just reflection on some seemingly mundane existence. Our existence may seem ordinary at times, but self awareness is an amazing feat of evolution unique to few species. Likewise, the need for discovery, self-improvement, and achievement are also traits brought to us through evolution, but apparently they are unique to humans.

Isn’t it better to think “what can I do next?”

Take one step and, wherever you are, there you go.